Hi there!  My name is Ann. This blog is for home cooks who enjoy creating family friendly recipes that are generally healthy and simple to make. No one will mistake me for a gourmet chef but I enjoy making tasty food that I can feel good about serving my family. 

 Over the past few years I have done an unbelievable amount of cooking and learned so much! My daughter’s struggle with “belly troubles” made it so she essentially couldn’t eat most processed food for a while.  She is much better now with only a few restrictions because of food sensitivities but, as it turns out, fresh food really is better! Not buying most processed foods certainly does save a lot of time at the grocery store but it also means having to create good food yourself. Thank goodness for other recipe blogs or I would have had no idea where to begin! Don’t get me wrong, I am not against an occasional chicken nugget or hot dog but it has become pretty obvious to me that everyone feels better when they eat less processed food.  Homemadeyum started as a way to keep the recipes we like all in one place and then to share them with you.  I only write about recipes that I’ve actually made and that my family has actually enjoyed. Trust me, my two children are harsh critics!

 Because I’ve spent time cooking for various food senesitivities, you’ll see some FODMAP diet and some Specific Carbohydrate Diet recipes here even though we no longer follow those food plans. Some recipes are just delicious enough to keep! You’ll also see some recipes that are gluten free or dairy free.  This is probably a good time to tell you that I am in no way a doctor or a nutritionist. Some of my recipes work well for specialized diets, some are more general, sometimes there are substitutions that I’ll include.  Please, do yourself a favor, and make sure that you double check any recipe against your own dietary needs because I’m certainly not qualified and none of the recipes are intended to give dietary advice. These are just recipes that work for us. I hope you like them, too!