Are you a trained chef/cook?  No, I just cook a lot.  Everything I’ve learned about cooking, I’ve learned either in my mother or grandmother’s kitchen, from friends, through trial and error on my own or by using the good old internet to learn about food. Plus, I’ve learned a whole lot about food sensitivities and nutrition over the past couple of years as my daughter was diagnosed with various sensitivities.

Where do your recipes come from?  Actually, my recipes come from many different places.  Some are my adaptations of recipes I’ve found in cookbooks or on other food blogs.  You’ll know where they come from because I will always credit the source by either naming the cookbook or linking back to the original recipe. Some are recipes that I created. I won’t pretend that I am reinventing the wheel, though. These are usually recipes I have seen in a restaurant or tried somewhere but I didn’t have a formal recipe for them. Still others will be family recipes that I just want to share.

Why are some of your recipes “wheat free” or “gluten free”?  We do not follow a specifically gluten free diet. I frequently use wheat free ingredients for my daughter who cannot tolerate wheat right now.  It is not necessarily the gluten she has issue with but the wheat itself. “Wheat free” and “gluten free” are not the same. If you are cooking for someone who has Celiac Disease or other relevant health concerns, you know that confusing the two can have big consequences and that can hide in the strangest places. These are not things I need to think about when I cook or develop recipes. If this is something you need to think about, please consider all of the ingredients and make substitutions to ensure your own health and that of your loved ones. If ordinary wheat flour works for you, you can substitute 1:1 in most gluten free recipes here.

Do you really read the comments? Absolutely! I am happy to hear what you think about a recipe. I look forward to hearing your feedback. If something worked for you, didn’t work, or you made changes, please share! I just ask that we all keep it polite. I will delete any comments that are outright rude or offensive so that this site can be an enjoyable place for people to visit. While I will not respond to every single comment, I will definitely respond to questions right in the comment section so everyone can see the response.

Can I use your recipes?  Definitely try the recipes! I hope your family loves them! Feel free to share them as well. It will be easy to do with the pins you will find at the top of each post. If you want to share with family and friends without using the pins, I just ask that you link back to this site. If you have your own blog, please don’t just cut and paste my photos and recipe, though. Plagiarism is not cool.